Woodworkings Custom Coffee Table



We take pride in the designs of our furniture. What starts out as an idea, quickly becomes a sketch that can be brought to life in our wood shop. Because we are humans and not machines, no two pieces of furniture will be exactly the same. The pattern of saw marks,  the curliness of the grain, and the knot-holes that are scattered throughout the piles of lumber make for one-of-a-kind creations. To us, furniture is an extension of your personality, so we dedicate our lives to making sure it fits perfectly with your lifestyle, taste, and functionality of your home. Our goal is to build you furniture that serves a purpose and looks good doing it.


Our furniture is carefully handcrafted using only the best materials and finishes. Our artisans take pride in the skill used to build all of our pieces. We choose not to use CNC machines, but rely on the craftsmanship and talent it takes to create all aspects of our furniture. This is what separates us and makes every individual piece unique.

Woodworkings Custom Dining Table
Woodworkins Handcrafted Table

Every piece of furniture has a story to tell. It’s the dining table that your family gathered around every Christmas as they told stories of past years, it’s the bookcase that held pictures of loved ones and the pottery angel you received on your wedding day, or the bowl your dad threw his pocket change and grandfathers knife in after a long day of work. All of these memories will last a lifetime, and so will our furniture.  We believe in our product. Each piece of furniture is made out of solid wood. Some of the wood is new, and some is hundreds of years old with a story to tell, but most of all our furniture is made to last. We design pieces so they can be passed down through the generations. All of the things you once loved, now your grandchildren can, too. 


“Love my pieces of furniture I recently purchased! Very sturdy and amazingly designed.”

-Christina Vaughn