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Hi! My name is Taylor, and with the help of my husband, Stuart, and my parents, Anthony and Suzette, we’ve created The Woodworkings. Like most businesses, our passion for woodwork started out as a hobby. I can remember a time when Stuart and my dad would spend hours after work building things like trays, and candlesticks because they enjoyed it so much. Both of them coming from a hands-on background (working with old cars, building decks, and my dad learning to fix all the trinkets he managed to break in the house because he’s so clumsy) helped them fall straight into working with wood. As time went on, and the inventory started to build, we entered our first craft show. Soon craft shows became big furniture markets, and God led us down a path we could have never imagined. The hobby that started out in my parents pool house was becoming more than our wildest dreams- it was our life. 

Our first retail store was in Baldwyn, Ms. From the moment we stepped through the doors everything was perfect. What was the Old Post Office on a quiet main street in the 1900s, soon held some of our most prized possessions. The original hardwood flooring, walls of english bonded brick, and chandeliers helped make this new venture even more special. We were able to start woodworking in the basement of the building. The extra space was welcomed as we were taking on more custom orders each week; however, one year later we were beginning to outgrow what was once more space than we could ever use.

As the sawdust started to pile, so did our clientele. Although the time in our beloved building was short, it would always hold a special place in our hearts as we continued on our journey.


Our move to Tupelo, Ms in the fall of 2016 was nothing short of amazing. The community has been welcoming with their true southern hospitality. We now have ample space for lamps, settees, and beautiful paintings (produced locally) to line our walls along with our furniture. We believe this great adventure is just the beginning!



The workshop is where all the magic happens. From the design process to the finishing touches, this is the most important part of the WoodworKings. Below shows a little behind the scenes action.

Woodworkings design sketch


Each piece of furniture starts out as a rough sketch before it's brought to life.

Woodworkings Building Furniture


Creating furniture takes time, hard work, and craftsmanship.

Woodworkings furniture


Seeing the final product is our favorite part!