“God has more in store for you than you can even imagine”  - Ephesians 3:20

If you had told me when I was in college that one day I would own my own business I would have laugh

ed hysterically. That wasn’t part of my plan. My plan was to work for a non-profit and learn everything I could about Public Relations (you know since that’s what all of my college tuition money went to). The pretty degree that hangs on my wall, covered in maroon and white, and laced with four years of hard work. Hard work that gave me tunnel vision. In my mind there was no other option. That’s what my life would be- and I know I would have been happy; however, that wasn’t Gods plan for me or my family. He had something bigger in mind. A life that would allow me to be the business woman I never dreamed, spend time with my family, and unbeknownst to me help people in a different way.

When my husband and dad started building furniture I loved it. I thought this would be a great way to get furniture for my own house (years later I know the saying "The cobbler's children always go barefoot." – Joel Brown is so true.) What started out as a hobby soon began to feel like a second job, although, it was the BEST second job anyone could ask for! My dad, who owned his own trucking company, and Stuart, who did tool-and-dye, lived for the nights they got to come home and build anything their hearts desired. I had no idea a lathe and a bandsaw could make two people so happy! This was our drive. The smiles, the laughter, the passion for what they were doing (not to mention the actual talent they had) is what started our new adventure.

It was my mom that came up with the idea to quit our jobs and do this full time. I thought she was crazy at first, besides, it wasn’t in my plan. But God has more in store for you than you can even imagine. So…. that’s exactly what we did, and we’ve never looked back.

There is one day in particular that I realized this was the life we were meant to lead. We were contacted by a customer who had one small piece of wood. Her parents had owned a business in downtown Tupelo her entire life, and when it was sold and remodeled she was given a piece of a heart pine beam. The nostalgia that came with this small token of her childhood made her want to hold on to it forever. She came to us hoping that we could build a piece of furniture using this wood so that she could keep it forever. The table pictured is the final product. The center board is her original beam, and we paired it with other heart pine wood that had been salvaged from historic downtown Baldwyn. Her reaction is why we continue to do this everyday of our lives. The tears, joy, and gratitude that she had is what makes this the best job in the world. We make handcrafted, unique, heirloom pieces. Customers ideas that we can bring to life, and give them everything they could have imagined- Its the bigger plan!

This is just a little bit about us, how we started-and why. You can learn more on our about us page and the amazing adventure were on.

I hope this blog finds you well. It’s a place you can come see our furniture, how it’s made (and delivered up ten flights of stairs to a studio apartment) as well as, decorating tips, and maybe a recipe or two- because my grandmother makes the most amazing sweet potato pie. Please leave us a comment if there is anything you want to know/see made or topic you wish would be covered. Until next time…..